t: @raisin_EN / @Weltsparen

CEO:  Tamaz Georgadze

Founder(s):   Frank Freund, Michael Stephan

 Founded: 2013

Sectors:   Savings

HQ: Berlin, Germany

It took SavingGlobal 15 months to get its first two banks onboard. Now it has more than 25,000 registered clients with more than €700m in deposits, and 12 partner banks from 10 countries with more than 60 products. The first online marketplace for European deposits, Raisin offers customers better deposit rates than an average bank, and gives banking partners from the EU/EEA access to Europe’s largest savings pool. Using onetime customer identification, a single online banking interface and a selection of reliable, stable product providers, the Berlin-based business will expand into Europe in 2016 under the Raisin brand, whilst retaining the Saving Global (Weltsparen) name in Germany.