About The Global Access to Finance50

This is our first global 50, designed to showcase the innovators worldwide who are not just changing financial services but transforming the way that people have access to those services.

We are not restricting our search to a region - we will be looking at FinTech game-changers around the world. 

Who is eligible? start-ups with the potential to become a game-changer and high-growth enterprises with the competitive staying power to continue being one. 

How to get involved

The Global Access to Finance50 is not a competition, so we do not rely on award submissions. Instead, we undertake our own research  throughout the year and ask some of the biggest names in the sector to suggest FinTechs they would like to see listed. Then we invite them to select their top 50.

We also created this short form for FinTechs who would like tell us their story in their own words.

Where's the value?

The FinTech50 generates global interest when released. News of this year's list received 100,000 downloads and reached 3.5m Twitter accounts in its first week online. Businesses selected for The FinTech50 tell us that being listed gets them onto the radar of investors, influencers and prospective clients, particularly those in financial services. Our sites rank page 1 Google for over 200 FinTech-related keywords and receive visits from over 160 countries; our current top 20 by visitor volume is:

The UK, The US, Germany, Spain, India, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Ireland, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, China, Sweden.

Our International Selection Panel

Each year, we invite some of the biggest names in FinTech to select The FInTech50s Europe and Asia. Meet our full panel here.

The FinTech50 2017

The FinTech50 2017 Yearbook

We announced The FinTech50 2017 on 6 June. View the FinTechs named in The FinTech50 2017: a list of fifty European FinTechs who are transforming financial services.