t: @marketinvoice

CEO / Founder:  Anil Stocker

Co-Founder(s):   Ilya Kondrashov, Charlie Delingpole

Founded: 2011

Sectors:  Lending  

HQ: London

MarketInvoice lets businesses sign up, sell an invoice and draw down funds on the same day with no contracts, hidden fees or personal guarantees. In 2015, the invoicetrading platform saw its strongest ever month, which saw businesses using the service raise over $30m, and collected nearly £270m in repayments. It also passed key milestones of £600m worth of finance lent, and 10,000 separate loans to UK businesses. Customers now use MarketInvoice on an average of over 13 times per year, and with a default rate of just 1.9%, and a crystallised loss of 0.03%, it is providing strong returns for investors.