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Financial innovation – do you have a smart new idea? Enter the international CODE_n Contest and win €30,000

GFT, one of the world’s leading solutions providers in the finance sector is a major supporter of FinTech.  This year they are delighted to be patrons of the Applied FinTech cluster at the established annual CODE_n start-up contest, which champions the cause of innovation.

Applied FinTech Cluster

The Applied FinTech cluster is about financial solutions based on new thinking and new technologies, brought together in a very smart way. It’s about the “real world” – not just an idea but a clearly defined and dedicated business case. This approach looks to create a solid platform to deliver future financial solutions or to solve known challenges in a highly innovative wayWe are focusing on three areas:

·      Machine learning, Robo Advisory, cognitive automation

How can we automate financial tasks which are human today - and at the same time create the output instantly and in way better quality?

·      Smart living, customer journey

FinTech meets Internet of things. Devices, sensors and products interacting with financial systems directly – both ways.

Predictive analytics and derived best actions, personalization and dedication of services

·      Blockchain, “consensus computing”

Not the technology itself: But use cases for shared ledgers in general, change of business models, streamlining operational processes through the use of distributed ledgers


CODE_n Contest

If you have a smart idea, enter now for your chance to become one of the elite 50 CODE_n16 finalists with an opportunity to:-

·      win €30,000, including the accolade of being the winner of the prestigious CODE_n contest

·      receive free exhibition space at the 3 day CODE_n innovation festival in Karlsruhe, Germany

·      present your unique business concepts to new customers, partners, investors, and the press

·      be part of the exclusive CODE_n community and find new partners through our CODE_n       CONNECT matchmaking platform

·      team up with global brands, corporate partners of the CODE_n new.New Festival

·      connect with leading figures from their respective area of innovation at the new.New Festival


Closing Date:            31 May 2016


Exhibition Date:       This year’s CODE_n final takes place at the Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 20-22 September 2016