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The FinTech50 was the first curated list in the world (2012) to recognise Fintech in Europe for innovation

2000+ Fintech companies across Europe, 5 panel discussions and one secret ballot later, The FinTech50 2020 is now live. This year we recognised that businesses are at different stages of evolution. So this year's FinTech50 is a FinTech70. Our panel selected a separate Top Ten (ranked from 1-10); a multi-talented 50 and a very Hot Ten of earlier-stage innovators.

The Hottest News and Rankings in the Fintech and Crypto Industry

FinTech, the rebellious offspring of Finance and Technology, is here to replace traditional finance. And if you’ve been living under a rock, let us explain more. Fintech is any software or hardware that enables users to make transactions, apply for loans, use crypto exchanges, and so much more. 100% virtually!

With FinTech50, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news, hot announcements, and crypto brokers of 2022.

Businesses and big financial institutions have also embraced fintech solutions, which has been facilitated further amid the ongoing health and economic crisis. In fact, the fintech sector is not reserved for innovative start-ups only anymore. A couple of years ago, JP Morgan – once an opponent of cryptocurrency – invested $25 million in start-up projects.

And believe it or not, you are a big part of the industry. Online banking, tax calculations, e-commerce, split the bill solutions, ATMs, robo advisors, Bitcoin trading – you name it! Though it takes the warm human contact out of the equation, fintech solutions speed up numerous financial processes and help even unbanked people access equal financial services.

Fintech is growing, and some of its prominent branches include wealthtech, insurtech, and more. And it’s growing fast! As per Ernst and Young’s Global FinTech Adoption Index, fintech adoption has increased from 16% in 2015 to 64% in 2019.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are helping the fintech industry grow at a X faster rate. Surprising? Not at all! The global crypto market is expected to hit $4.94 billion by 2030. Stats show that blockchain and regtech are the fastest-expanding areas in the fintech area. Blockchain technology may even hit $20 billion in the next two years!

The 50 Hottest Companies in the Sector

Whether it’s companies allowing users to boost their credit scores or organisations trying to reduce bank-transfer processing times, the number of fintech companies adopting crypto is growing. Just look at Paxos, which facilitates PayPal and Venmo along with others, and Kraken, which acts as a crypto bank.

Don’t think of Silicon Valley giants only, though! The UK is also a leader in the field, with Revolut being an undeniable leader in international payments and crypto trading. Nebeus is another revolutionary company with over $4.5M funding that can bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptos.

So ready to explore some of the best fintech companies? We at FinTech50 are here to help.

From Chime to Robinhood, based on data provided by Forbes, look at the 50 hottest fintech companies that can pave the future of finance and crypto trading.

  1. Addepar
  2. Alchemy
  3. Anchorage
  4. Arcus
  5. Aspiration
  6. Behavox
  7. Blend
  8. BlockFi
  9. Bolt
  10. Brex
  11. Cadre
  12. Carta
  13. Chainalysis
  14. Chime
  15. Coalition
  16. Current
  17. Dave Inc.
  18. Divvy Homes
  19. Esusu
  20. Finix
  21. Fireblocks
  22. Forter
  23. Gemini
  24. Greenlight
  25. Guideline
  26. Hippo Insurance
  27. iCapital
  28. Insurify
  29. Klarna
  30. Kraken
  31. Marqeta
  32. MoCaFi
  33. Newfront
  34. Next Insurance
  35. Orum
  36. Paxos
  37. Plaid
  38. Policygenius
  39. Propel
  40. Ramp
  41. Robinhood
  42. Roofstock
  43. Socure
  44. Stash
  45. Stripe
  46. Tala
  47. Truebill
  48. Trumid
  49. Varo
  50. Wise


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